Declaration of Value inquiry

Hey guys,
when I apply for the DOV (in Saudi Arabia), how do I present the 12 years of studying? Do I bring all my certificates from grade 1 till grade 12?

The thing is, for my grade 12, i am still not done as I have one more semester for my american diploma and until May for my IB diploma. If I present them all the certificates from grade 1 till grade 12 semester 2/3 will this be enough for the DOV?

Please if anyone has an answer regarding these 2 questions I will be thankful !!

Hi! It depends on the requirement of the embassy. Basically you need to have a letter from your school stating when you are graduating. Since you actually need the certificate proving you have finished doing the 12 years of schooling, I suggest going to the embassy with your transcript and ask if they can give you a head start with the application since the processing may take a while. Remember to mention it is an IB degree and not a local Saudi Arabian school degree. The processing time can vary so I do suggest you do this as soon as possible. Hope this helps! Remember to also have a lawyer ready in order to get the apostille/legalization done!! I found a link with some FAQs to help:

Hope this helps!