Description of ganglion

The presence of the sensory neuron’s cell body near the stimuli makes sence! But why it’s in the ganglions? I couldn’t underatand the ganglion function even after searching…

There is visible swelling in a ganglion because it’s where all of the cell bodies of the sensory neurons can be found, and cell bodies are bigger than the axon itself in diameter.

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Thank you!
So is it right to say " ganglions are a group of motor neurons, relay neurons and sensory neurons cell bodies in the pns located near the spinal chord nerves"?

@AriHoresh I think I shouldn’t have mentioned relay neurons cell bodies here cause they are located in the CNS. so their cell bodies can’t be seen in ganglion.

It’s the group of the bodies of the neuron, not the entire neuron.
Do you see how the cell body is in the ganglia (13) next to the spinal cord? now imagine a lot of the same neurons, in that space you will have a lot of bodies, causing it to have a bigger diameter than the rest of the neurons.

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Thank you so much it was perfect!
Now I realized that ganglion is located in the PNS. As we know the soma of relay neurons and motor neurons is located in the CNS; can we conclude that the only cell bodies that can be seen in ganglions belong to the sensory neurons? ( but not all of the sensory neuron’s cell bodies are located in the ganglion because some of them can be seen near the stimulant)