did you get a email or a confirmation of your pre-enrollment?

i made my pre-enrollment with all the documents and stuff and i know that it only closed last week, but i wanted to know if anyone got like a confirmation about it? like that it was accepted or something?
I’m applying for the university of milan (idk if different universities have different ways of doing this process)


Yea I got a confirmation on mine early last month. Your uni might be late as well but does it say on the universitaly that your application has been sent to university of Milano? You could write them an email using their student email and see if they are processing your application

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Hi, might I ask why do we need pre-enrollment email from school? I only get an automatic email from Universitaly months ago when I submitted my application and nothing else. Do we need this to enter the exam room?

i got the automatic email for universitaly saying that it had been sent to university of milano and if i open the pre-enrollment page on the universitaly it also says that.
that is a good idea, if i don’t get something by monday, i’ll do that.
thank you

As far as i know, we don’t need it to enter the exam room or anything like that. I wanted to know more as a confirmation that everything was right, that there wasn’t any problem with my application. I only got the automatic email from universitaly as well.

Also I am not sure about Milano but they had a student chat for my universities website. If this service exists for Milano, it doesn’t hurt to ask them directly either after booking a date.

For me I needed pre enrollment to apply for long term visa. There must be a website on Milano where you can get a list of requirements for the exam. I do not know if its different processes but for Bologna, it asks to bring an ID and a proof of payment at the venue