DNA Replication and PCR (Primers)


I have studied PCR and replication, but I am not sure about some details.

Firstly, when do we use DNA primers and when RNA primers?

It seems like in PCR, the primers are added to the start codon of template strand and stop codon of the coding strand in order to enable DNA polymerase to synthesise complementary DNA strands in the 5 to 3 direction. Therefore, does PCR goes in opposite directions on the two strands? Also, do we need DNA ligase for the PCR?

In regular DNA replication, the primers are added to the “primer binding site”. Where is this binding site?

Finally, is there any difference between bacterial and eukaryotic DNA replication we must know for the IMAT?


Hey! Seems like you studied a bit too much, we need to know the classic type of PCR, which is shown here and covers everything for the IMAT:

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