DNA technology- cloning

Genetic engineering involves taking a copy of a gene from one organism and inserting that gene into the DNA of another organism.

Which of the following statements regarding genetic engineering is correct?

A gene of interest is cut from the DNA of one organism using an enzyme called a ligase

B Bacterial plasmid DNA and the organism’s DNA require different restriction enzymes

C Carbon-carbon bonds form between the complementary bases in the sticky ends of the plasmid and the useful gene

D DNA is cut in a staggered way leaving short sections of double-stranded DNA at each end of the gene

E The end nucleotides of the useful gene are joined to the end nucleotides of the plasmid

answer is E , but why is D wrong ?

The reason why i think answer option D is wrong as in genetic engineering restriction enzymes cut “double stranded” DNA in a very specific pattern that produces ends with “single-stranded” DNA.
Hope it make sense!


yeah, I too had a slight idea that maybe the reason why, thanks!

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