Dubai Visa Process

Hi All,

For those applying for their student visa from Dubai, do you know anyone who had successfully applied for a visa from previous years? I contacted the Italian embassy from Abu Dhabi to ask about IELTS, and they told me that the application shouldn’t be sent to VFS, and to be sent directly to the consulate or the embassy. They also said that they don’t require IELTS or any other form of English proficiency test and that they prefer CIMEA but in the form, it was written that if you have completed A-levels, IB, or AP they will accept APIs tiled applications with CIMEA comparability. Either way, you need it stamped by ministries in the UAE (MFA and KHDA/equivalent in Abu Dhabi). They did say that the Dubai embassy might have different requirements. When I emailed them I only received an automated response saying they are busy and nothing else. I found a checklist form for them that says English proficiency is required (I.e. IELTS) and there was no mention of getting your degree apostilled instead of getting CIMEA comparability for A-levels. I am trying to avoid paying another 2.5k AED for the IELTS and CIMEA if possible. So If anyone has any reliable and probable info on this please let me know