Ecology BMAT-2021

Which of the following statements regarding interdependence and competition is correct?

A. A predator is a herbivore which kills and eats other animals.
B. Changes in population size for predators and their prey tend to occur at the same time.
C. In parasitism, both organisms gain some degree of benefit.
D. Intraspecific competition determines the passing down of genes to subsequent generations.
E. Parasitism may cause harm but never death.

I have selected E as parasite depends on its host for its nutrition so if a parasite will cause death of its host then the parasite will itself die.


i see your reasoning for E, most parasites tend to cause harm but not death, as keeping their host alive means they can keep exploiting it for resources
But this isn’t always the case, think of human parasites you can die from like malaria

for D intraspecific competition does determine genes passed down (example: a moose fights another, the one with the largest antlers wins and gets to reproduce, making offspirng with larger antlers)

Hope this helps!


I think the key word is “NEVER”, It’s too strong of a statement to be considered correct. You can use this tip for all questions. If the word was “sometimes” then you would’ve been correct :))

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Thanks a lot! @Juliette_Touati @callearaya