Endocrine system thyroxine production

good morning!

i couldn’t find the answer key and I don’t know the answer unfortunately

Hi! Could you please tell me what book this is?

i found this one in the archive from my dad’s books it is really old and publications are not continued sorry mate :frowning:


ok so this is a much more advanced than the IMAT
a question like this on the exam would not require you to know the ins and outs of every hormone secreting pathway ever
At most we could be asked to figure out a question like this with general knowledge about hormone production (negative feedbacks, what is the pituitary…)

it would go:
hypothalamus ---- RH (releasing hormone) ---- pituitary ---- SH (stimulating hormone) ---- target organ ---- target hormone production ----- negative/positive feedback

Between A) and B) i would pick A) personally, what do you guys think?

Hope this helps!!


oh! thanks for the clearance i thought we had to know the pathways of hormones too… I was stressed to memorize them :joy:
and I would also choose A because the hypothalamus detects the changes in most cases and then acts on the pituitary


Yeah take a look at past paper questions i think you’ll be happily surprised at the level required (ex: IMAT 2012 Q 51)


i definitely will! thank you so much

Yes I definitely agree with A!

Also a good way to understand what kind of response could be coming I believe it is the negative feedback response and pathway of FSH, LH and oestrogen during the follicular phase up until ovulation!

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