Enzyme threonine

the answer is B
do we need to know this enzyme? never heard of it before


are you sure the answer is not A)?
once the cell has produced enough threonine, the product will inhibit the first enzyme of the metabolic pathway, kind of like negative feedback

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it’s given as B idk
but then it’s about end product inhibition right

Hi, I think Juliette is right about the negative feedback, but B will be the option because activity will decrease but concentration of that enzyme won’t decrease.


but then how can we distinguish between negative feedback graph, and a normal enzymatic activity graph?

I think B would be the graph of typical enzyme activities (when we exclude enzymes working in positive feedback).

i guess yeah. i dont think we need to know this much enzyme names tho (i hope…)

We talk about the first part of the loop, threonine deaminase, as the name suggests, work on threonine, to convert it to isoleucine. So the more Threonine we have (X axis) the more enzyme activity we will have, up to a certain point, where they are saturated, so it will reach an equilibrium.