Equilibrium constant question


The answer is B), however i keep finding Kc=5 :upside_down_face:
What is the step by step solution?
Thank you!

A ) Kc=4
B ) Kc=8
C ) Kc=800
D ) A piece of data is missing to calculate the value of Kc

hi juliette
I solve it this way.

•First balance the equation.
•Kc=[Ca(NO3)2] / [AgNO3]^ 2 [CaCl2]
Than find mole(n=m/mm) of each of the given, than find concentration of each by (M=n/v) the volume is 0.1L .
•[AgNO3] = 0.5
•[CaCl2] = 1.0
•[Ca(NO3)2] = 1.998
Kc=1.998/0.5^2 x 1.0 = 7.99 ~ 8

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