EU or Non EU Registration/ Credit Transfer

Hi @AriHoresh
I am writing to inquire about my eligibility to take the IMAT exam in 2024 as an EU candidate.

I am currently a third-year medical student at Medical University of Szeged.

I am an Iranian born in Iran, my high school diploma is also from Iran.

I arrived in Hungary in 2018, and I currently hold a residence permit for the purpose of study, valid until October 2024.

This permit is scheduled for renewal in September 2024.

I would also appreciate clarification regarding the possibility of transferring credits from the subjects I have completed so far.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

in order to be considered EU you either have to hold an EU passport or an Italian residence permit

Thank you for your response;
I found the following information on and yet I don’t know who to call or ask for confirmation, they did not answer my Emails.
“You are considered to be an EU student if you are a resident or citizen of any of the countries affiliated with the European Union. This includes the EECA countries that technically are not part of the EU. If you are a non-EU citizen but legally reside in an EU country, or have a residence permit for Italy you are also classed into this category.”
I am clueless.


I’m not sure that website is a reliable source
You should contact directly the first choice university you wish to apply to.
I found this information on the Tor Vergata website:

The following candidates are considered EU citizens:

  • citizens of Italy and other countries within the European Union;
  • citizens who possess a dual-nationality passport with citizenship in Italy and another country outside the EU or anywhere in the EU;
  • the citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and the Republic of San Marino;
  • non-EU citizens holding (a) a valid long term residence permit in Italy or (b) a residence permit issued for employment or self-employment, for family reasons, political asylum, asylum for humanitarian or religious reasons;
  • non-EU citizens legally resident in Italy for no less than one year as of registration for the admission test (with a different residence permit from previous point (b)) and who have obtained an Italian university degree.
  • non-EU citizens, residing anywhere who hold a secondary diploma from Italian schools abroad or foreign or international schools (either in Italy or abroad) having bilateral agreements or special regulations for the recognition of qualifications and who satisfy the general conditions required to be admitted to study in Italy (the complete list of these schools can be found here).
  • Non-EU citizens with a valid residence permit for students, who have already registered with an Italian university in previous academic years.
  • Personnel serving in diplomatic offices abroad or international organisms seated in Italy (accredited with Italy or the Holy Seat) and their families (spouses and children).