EU pre-registration?


I am quite confused if I should do any pre-registration for the IMAT this year… (as an EU) I know last year Turin, Pavia and Messina asked for it, but this year I couldn’t find much info.
This is what I found on Turin’s website.
I emailed Pavia and their answer was that “if you are a EU student, for the moment you can only wait and prepare for the admission test”. Neither on their website does it say anything about pre-registration for EU.

Does this mean there’s no pre-registration to be done this year? Thanks!

Hi Joangna,

What do you mean by pre-registration?

As much as I know, we have Pre-applications, Pre-evaluations and Pre-Enrollments. Besides I have not heard, seen or read anywhere including Pavia’s website that this uni had the above-mentioned requirements for IMAT 2023!

I have heard recently that Uni Torino has eliminated its pre-enrollment procedure. I have checked it out thoroughly on their website yesterday and it seems to be true with the elimination, although they have not mentioned it directly and officially. I believe we must give it a little bit more time in order to be completely true. Maybe they bring it over again later. God knows :slight_smile:

Uni Messina is just a mess. Nobody knows what they require exactly and how they process applications. I would not recommend this uni to any EU-candidate. You might have read my comments on the EnterMedSchool whats app group for IMAT 2024.

I guess I mean the pre-enrolment then :). I saw a few people use the term pre-registration for EUs, but it might be my mistake!

Thank you for your response! Seems like we just have to wait for more info to be 100% sure😊

I did pre registration as EU last year but for current year we haven’t been informed that we need to do one. I suggest wait longer to see if you need it or not. but from what I’ve seen it looks like they wont ask for one this year. most probably only turin might ask. pavia did not ask last year and in the case of messina… well messina literally asks you to do pre enrollment once you do pre registration which makes no sense knowing that you are eu so i don’t suggest you go into that rabbit hole