Four lipid layers

Which of the following organelles have four lipid layers?
ā€¢ The organelle that is responsible to produce the rRNA
2. The organelle that keeps the hydrolytic enzymes to digest the materials inside the cell
3. The organelle that is responsible to produce the energy from the most abundant monosacch
in the body
A) 1.2
B) 2.3
C) 1.3
D) 1.2.3
E) None of the above

The correct answer is C.

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Four lipid bilayer means having an envelope or alternately you can say a presence of double membrane as we know that a single cell membrane has a lipid bilayer i.e 2 layers of lipids where tails point towards each other so, in a double membrane we will have 4 lipid layers.

1). As we know that nucleolus inside nucleus is the assembly unit of ribosomes and ribosomes in turn are made up of rRNA and proteins and also nucleolus is inside nucleus which is surrounded by a nuclear envelope(four lipid layers). so, 1 is correct.

2). In answer option 2 we are talking about lysosomes and it has just a single bilayer. so, we can get rid of it.

3). Here we are talking about mitochondria and the process described here is cellular respiration where we make energy from glucose in the presence of oxygen and mitochondria has double membranes a outer and an inner called (cristae).
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