Gas exchange and gas pressure

why is the answer A? it’s not E I circled it wrong sorry for that

By looking at the diagrams I and II we can say that phase I is expiration as diaphragm has arched upward taking the shape of a dome while in phase II it has completely flattened symbolising inspiration is taking place.

A). It doesn’t makes sense as we know that during expiration pressure in alveoli is greater than the atmospheric pressure so, that air can move out along the pressure gradient.
B). answer option 2 is correct as we know in inspiration air moves from the atmosphere to the lungs.
c). Again phase I is symbolising expiration thus pressure inside alveoli being greater than atmosphere.
D). It makes sense as it’s inspiration phase.
E). we can’t conclude given the situation that alveoli is enriched with oxygen as continious exchange of gas takes place at alveoli.
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