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Hi everyone!

i was thinking of making this thread on general knowledge, so we can group together any questions anyone might have all in one place!!

here’s one i thought of today:
is Mario Draghi still prime minister of Italy? i know he resigned but i saw online he is still considered “caretaker prime minister” till the elections, but i’m not sure he still holds the title of prime minister?

What do you guys think?


Yup you are right he resigned as the PM of Italy what i found is that he gonna be in a caretaker role as you mentioned and will handle ongoing businesses but his influence gonna be minimal and i guess Italy will have it’s elections early october.
Before that i think he is still considered as the P.M of Italy.
If anyone has a better idea please share your views:)


he’s still the caretaker PM till Italian general elections which are scheduled around last week of Sep (as far as Ik)

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Another question I was also wondering is whether we can still say the Belarus EU border crisis and the Lebanon liquidity crisis is still occurring as there have been recent steps to solve it. Since it’s still fresh info, would it still be likely to come up for the exam?

Also I made a TON of general knowledge notes on multiple different topics so if anyone wants something related to a topic (politics, geography, art, cinema), let me know!


Hi! I would be very pleased to get your notes for the general knowledge section! Can you share them with me please? Thank you!

hi! Could you send me your email please


hey could you please share your general knowledge notes with me as well?

I would really appreciate if you could send me your notes as well

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Guys, it’s a public website. I really don’t suggest publishing your email here, use the chat system @Tharfa @alexia1103


I agree! Please send them to me privately!

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