Genetic material in bacteria

Do bacteria contain both DNA and RNA?

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Bacteria genetic material is typically a single circular bacterial chromosome of DNA located in the cytoplasm in an irregularly shaped body called the nucleoid.
but since the question is it “contains” i would say both(DNA and RNA) as bacteria could perform Transcription to produce RNA using DNA as a template.
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hi! ujjwal was right! also as they are considered prokaryotic organisms you can say that their DNA is circular and in the cytoplasm
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Thank you guys!
Also, do both chromatin and chromosome contain DNA, histones and small amounts of RNA?

They both do contain DNA, histones and some RNA although chromosomes consist primarily of DNA attached to a protein core. Chromatin is a mixture of DNA and proteins (mainly histones) that form the chromosomes found in the cells of eukaryotes so they contain the same too! Hope this helps! However I’m not sure if we’re supposed to know that chromosomes contain RNA as it’s a more complicated chapter. Someone clarify with this! (The RNA is a non coding mediating regulator of chromatid DNA)