Genetics / autosomal diseases

Do we need to know things like these?
I haven’t seen many questions like this before.
If somebody has some resources related to the disease that is dominant or recessive then please share.



looking at the syllabus and past papers no we are not expected to know diseases (except maybe diabetes and the stuff we see in highschool but nothing more!!)

  1. is wrong

  2. wrong, Duchenne is the common example given in textbooks for sex linked diseases, so can’t be autosomal

  3. is true, Phenylketonuria is sometimes used as an example for non-allelic genetic heterogenity (a similar disease phenotype caused by mutations on different genes), although i never heard of it till now

  4. is true, Huntington’s is the common example given in textbooks for dominant lethal diseases (rare since it has to kill you after you reach reproductive age to pass it on), it’s also the disease that the best character on Dr House has hehe

When unfamiliar diseases are brought up in past papers we are always given enough context on it to solve the question so no worries to have :wink:

If you really want a list of common disease examples there’s a grid on the entermedschool website (go to BIO 3 — mendel’s experiments — characteristics and traits)

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much
it was really helpful and nice explanation