Good luck everyone!

Hi everyone!!

Good luck for the exam tomorrow!!
I’ve seen the work and effort we’ve all put on here, and i have a good feeling that it will pay off!
Thank you to everyone that was really engaging in the question forum, i believe it’s what helped me learn the most! it was nice to feel like i wasn’t preparing this test all alone
Keep in mind that everyone feels under prepared and stressed out, so there’s no reason to think we’d do worse than any other candidate
I hope the exam goes well for you,



likewise Juliette!

warm regards


your words are amazing Juliette! I believe we all feel the same, under prepared and stressed out but without all of you i think I would be in much more stress.

This was an amazing journey for me thanks to all of you. It was smooth, comforting and helpful. We all learnt a lot, from Ari and from each other. So I hope everyone will get in to their choice. We prepared well, together…


all the best to you tô Juliette!!!