Has anyone solved TOLC-med?

Has anyone solved TOLC-med?
I translated it into English and solved it. But the score is too low.
I feel regretful and scared because I don’t think I prepared properly for the IMAT.
Anyway, since it is a similar test for the medical school (though the language is different), would it be a good idea to take it?
Please advise
If anyone has solved tolc-med, please leave a review.

where did u find a sample paper?:slight_smile:

  • it is in italian, so why do u think it will go better than imat? why are u considering it?
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I searched “tolc med 2022 pdf” on Google.
Of course imat paper is better for me! But I wanted to find a new test paper because I already solved it. I was just thinking about solving the types that come from the same or similar institution, but I don’t know if this is worth it… I don’t know if it’s the same institution… Come to think of it, I think it would be better to just study bmat more. :joy:

i am doing tolc med questions daily but not as mock exams and i would not suggest you to take them as mocks neither. because of translation, there are usually a miss of wording or problems with math and chemistry formulae. general knowledge questions are all about Italy as well. I suggest you study them as independent questions
hope this helps

What’s the difficulty level? Should I just solve biology? I don’t wanna think too much but it’s so anxious😅 When I translate math and physics that have a lot of numbers, I think it’s too bad…

the difficulty level i would say is around the same or even easier in the same questions. but this would definitely depend on the person and change. I suggest you solve all.


Hi where do you find the TOLC MED past papers?

hello! you can find them online by just writing tolc med (year) but they will be all in order all answers as A. I suggest you get them from testbusters’ website. but you will need to translate them to english by google documents translate in order to solve them.
good luck!

hey can you send me a link containing tolc med past papers please

you can find them online by just writing tolc med (year)