Hormones biology question

can someone help me get the answer? I’m not sure which one is correct and I don’t have an answer key…

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Can you please make the writing clear? Its hard to understand and then I will try my best to find an answer


A ) False. The way hormones could be called “non specific” is that they circulate from the bloodstream and reach almost all cells of the body, and not just one specific type of cells.
But they will only bind to receptors of specific cells.
B ) False, In the case of insulin it’s not produced in between meals, but you don’t need to take drugs every time you eat to start production. The key word MUST makes the question incorrect
C ) False, this is more the role of neurons and neurotransmitters
D ) False, enzymes catalyze a reaction, whereas hormones are messengers that trigger a response in a cell
E ) True, these are types of responses triggered in the cell by the hormone

Hope this helps!

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