Housing in Pavia

Hi! I was wondering how the process of renting a student room in Pavia works: especially through a website like immobiliare as a first year student. Does it take long to draw up a tenant contract. Is it complicated? Do we pay by a bank transfer, cash or debit card. Is it a long process before I can move into the room? Just wondering the steps because as a first year, everything is pretty rushed before classes begin.


Hello, the process to rent a room is not complicated at all. You have to contact the place where you wish to rent the room and they will inform you with the procedure since each place have different requirements. Usually the procedures are not complex at all, you just have to present some stuff like ID, acceptance from university etc. The payment method is different but its usually bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Once you are accepted into the accommodation and payed the fee you can move into the room at any time. I think however you have to inform them.

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Thank you so much! In your experience will it take more than a few days after the tenant informs you of the process? Do they delay it in any way?

In my experience, the accommodation I worked with was very helpful. The process went by smoothly. However it took time because I needed proof of my university acceptance but after everything was complete I booked my room within a week or two right after I payed the fee.

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Thank you for your help!!