How to time yourself in critical thinking


Is it best to give yourself 3min for each critical thinking question at 1st then do a different one again if you get it wrong in 3 min?

How much time should I give myself at 1st when I’m trying doing criticall thinking questions under pressure?


Don’t limit the time first, but use a timer to just track your time, then use it as a starting point and try to decrease it to 2:30 for each CK and 3:30 for each problem solving question.

The entire section should take 30 minutes, some questions will be quicker than others, so it’s important on working on developing a strategy from now that will allow you to solve all 10 in 30 minutes - while knowing how to recognize types of questions (usually in problem solving, for example, long questions with a table are usually skipped by most students because it’s just too much data to work with on the exam)

This is relevant to everyone, so I will tag @ari-student-2023

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ok thanks

I’ll try and do that then ari :slight_smile: