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what is meant here by relative concentration? is it relative to their concentration before independently or is it relative to each other, which in this case the answer could be C or A since LH reaches its highest during ovulation and estrogen doesnt increase but still is more than progesterone which does increase during ovulation?

the answer key says A?

any help would be appreciated.

basically Estrogen is secreted by the developing follicle and the mature graffian follicle is the one which would ovulate so the level of estrogen is gonna be high. Progesterone Is later secreted by the Corpus Luteum so until the ovulation occurs there level of Progesterone is quite low.

LH spike is the primary reason for the ovulation so it has to be high as well. As @Juliette_Touati said the FH also has a spike before ovulation but we aren’t concerned with FSH here so yep A option is right.

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Ignore what I replied, I think I confused FSH and LH
Anyway yes œstrogènes is relatively still high although the concentration is dropping
The trick is in the phrasing of the question

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