Hybridization chemistry question

What is the thybridization of the silicon and oxygen atoms in silicon dioxide?
answer is sp3 on both
i usually use the quick trick of counting how many things are on the atom-1 to find the hybridization but for this one I cant seem to solve how they both have sp3
can someone explain

U forgot about the lone pairs on O2 and double bonds for both atoms

hey, can you explain again?I agree for O2 it is sp3 but I thought Si was sp hybridized? What i learned was that hybridization is the number of lone pairs + number of sigma bonds…and there aren’t any lone pairs on Si… Why is sp wrong ?

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Yeah yeah I did it in a wrong way, it should be in sp hybirdization!!
Thanks for pointing it out!!

Here is what chatgpt clarify

Hey, no you’re not exactly wrong. I checked it online and there are some sources that says it is sp3 hybridised, and there are also tetrahedral arrangements for SiO2 when i checked. It’s literally confusing… :slightly_smiling_face:

im even more confused now ahahah i though the same as it should be sp but the answer key says sp3 and it wouldn’t be wrong as this is a past IB question so…

Okay XD

Hope this kind of question won’t show up in the test then XD