Ib chem nov 2022 equilibrium

which of these changes would shift the equilibrium to the right?

[Co(H2O)6]²⁺(aq) + 4Cl⁻(aq) = [CoCl4]²⁻(aq) + 6H2O(l)

  1. addition 0,01M HCl
  2. addition of concentrated HCl
  3. Evaporation of water


the answer is 2) and 3) only

option 3) i don’t understand this, H2O is in the liquid phase, not aqueous, so changing the concentration of H2O should not have an effect on the rate

I agree for option 2)

option 1) the answer i found online is it should increase both concentration of Cl⁻ and H2O since it’s very diluted so there is no overall shift
but to my understanding, H2O in not aqueous so no longer participates in the reaction

What is wrong with my reasoning?

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Like it said, it has to do with changes in volume of product i guess