IB chem nov 2022 exothermic reaction


the answer is A)
why does increased temperature increase the rate of an exothermic reaction?
i thought the reactants would be favored, thus decreasing the rate of the forward reaction

Previous answer I wrote was wrong, got it the wrong way round - yh not too sure why its the case?

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i am really confused with this one. not only for the temperature but also for the particle size as well. let me know if you find a solution

Does anyone have an answer key for IB chemistry Nov 2022 HL?
maybe the correction i have s wrong?

is this TZ1 or 2? i will check

it should be TZ1 normally

i just checked online and found the answer.
this question does not mention that it is an equilibrium question which is why we should not confuse it with the rate.
the rate always increases with temperature.
and decreasing the particle size increases the surface area, causing the reaction to happen faster.

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