IGCSE exams recognition

Hi everyone. Does anyone know about IGCSE exams recognition at University? I attended an international course during high school, including the study of subjects like geography, maths, biology, Latin and English as a second language. Basically I’ve studied in Italian and in English, plus I’ve passed exams and I have certifications.
Is there any chance to let these certifications be considered? With a view to the IMAT too
If you experienced or heard about something like that, please answer😊

Hello Giulia!

I have done IGCSEs and International A-Levels additionally to my national examinations too:) Unfortunately I havent seen any “extra” points for any of these extracurricular certificates, but you should upload them together with your Italian examinations to those three unis (Pavia, Turin, Messina) during online pre-enrolment, if you are applying there. However, if you have IELTS or any other English language exam, it can be beneficial for the IMAT!

This is just from what Ive found so far, if anyone has any other information, please let us know! Thanks beforehand.


Hi! I did the IGCSE’s and International Alevels and the only way they came in handy was when I submitted them to get the DoV. Unfortunately Italy doesn’t care otherwise haha. They “translate” the IGCSE’s and Alevels just to make sure that this shows you have done 12 years of schooling which is their only requirement to get in other than the IMAT :))

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