IMAT 2011 Q1 [UN Security Council members]

Which of the following states is NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

A. China

B. France

C. Japan

D. United Kingdom



Japan is not a permanent member of the UN security council. If you have general knowledge of the history of these countries during WWII and their relations, including the history of Japan and the Japanese government decisions, you will know that the UNSC was formed after WWII.
The idea of the council was to avoid future wars. Japan (back in 1945) was the major enemy, and it was just defeated, which made it impossible to Japan to join the UNSC back in 1945.

The general knowledge questions on Cambridge’s exams can usually be solved even if you don’t know the exact answer immediately. You can use the give option to your favor and review each one to deduct the correct answer.