Imat 2011 Q44 Obscurity

hey, as this question have been fully answered, I guess I misunderstood, the option 3 is DNA loops and is possible for both, isn’t it? so why is not considered in the answers
as is said :


  • plasmids are generally considered a feature of prokaryotes
  • but mitochondrias in eukaryotes also contain circular DNA
  • red blood cells are and example of eukaryotic animal cell and they don’t have mitochondrias, so they can’t have circular DNA

After writing out all the knowledge we have about circular DNA, we say it can’t be 100% a feature of animal cells

My issue with this question was that it asks if the features MAY be present, not if they HAVE to be present in both.
The way it’s phrased i don’t see a need to think of the exception of RBC to answer it, and 3) would be correct, yet it isn’t

regardless we KNOW option 4) is correct so the answer has to be D.

Cell components are one of the easier question types on the exam, so they try to confuse you a lot.
Finding options you’re 100% sure of and eliminating possible answers is much faster than debating with yourself about the more nuanced options

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thank you but as you mentioned it says MAY BE present so option 3 is still possible to be correct. However,4 is certainly true; well it is still debatable