IMAT 2011 Q45 [Mitochondria]

Which is likely to contain the most mitochondria?

A. red blood cell

B. lymphocyte (white blood cell)

C. cardiac muscle cell

D. epidermal cell

E. cheek cell

There are some questions on the IMAT that are quite short and straightforward, if you studied enough and have a good grip on the necessary material, this question is one of those.

Let’s analyze the question, Which is likely to contain the most mitochondria, ask yourself, as we usually do while analyzing answers, what is the purpose of the mitochondria? To create ATP/ENERGY, of course! So the question is most likely about finding the cell that requires the most energy.

Red blood cell – RBC does not contain mitochondria; we should know that fact from when we studied physiology, if RBC did have mitochondria, it would use the oxygen that it carries, and the efficiency would be lost, that would be a unfavorable in evolution.

Lymphocyte (white blood cell) – while it does require every to move, and it contains regular membrane-bound organelles to engulf and chase pathogens, don’t hurry to mark it, because we might have a cell that uses much more energy than a white blood cell.

Cardiac muscle cell – one of the cells of the heart, beats and moves nonstop, probably our answer, but let’s keep going!

Epidermal cell – or skin cell, why would it require the most energy?Cheek cell-mostly fat and connective tissue

So the answer which makes the most sense is C, as the heart will most likey use the most amount of energy to beat.