IMAT 2011 Q61 (Chemistry)

Hi, could someone help me out with this question? The answer is E. I thought bromoethane could be made by an addition reaction but I guess not?

Which one of the following can be made from ethanol using only a substitution reaction?

A Ethene
B Ethanal
C Ethanoic acid
D Ethoxyethane
E Bromoethane

Let’s see how each answer options can be made from an Ethanol to subsequently reach the conclusion:
A requires elimination.
As we know that Ethanol is a primary alcohol on oxidation it forms an aldehyde and on subsequent oxidation it turns into an acid so we can remove answer options B&C as they are wrong.
D requires dehydration.
E however can be done by substitution.
If it were Ethene then by addition of bromine we would have formed bromoethane.
Hope it helps:)


Thank you again! Seems like I was confusing ethene with ethane for the last option.

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