IMAT 2011 Q8 [Dante Alighieri]

Which set of statements about Dante Alighieri is correct?

A. he was from Florence, wrote poetry, died before 1400

B. he was from Milan, was born in the thirteenth century, died before 1400

C. he was from Milan, was the son of Giulia Beccaria, wrote poetry

D. he was from Tuscany, wrote poetry, was the son of Giulia Beccaria

E. he was of noble family, was born in the fourteenth century, wrote tragedies

A more specific general knowledge question requires knowing Italian culture and history. I believe the General Knowledge questions of the exam are sometimes relevant to the history of the country you are applying to study medicine. For example, if you sit the exam to study medicine in Italy, you might get a few questions about Italian culture and history.

Dante was born in Florence. One of his known works was "Divine ComedyDante Alighieri, a poem considered one of the greatest works of Italian literature. He died before 1400.

Giulia Beccaria was born in 1762. If you know her but not Dante, it might allow you to eliminate a few options.

The thirteenth-century is the period between 1201 and 1300, but Dante was born in the 14th century.

Knowing a few details about Dante’s works and Giulia Beccaria will help you eliminate a few options but won’t allow you to reach the exact answer.

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