IMAT 2011 Q9 [Enlightenment]

Which of the following is NOT true of the Enlightenment?

A. It was a cultural trend, according to which the only real art was rational,
understandable by all, and identified itself with Greek and Roman art.

B. It was a cultural trend that highlighted all the social and economic inequalities, and
paved the way for the French Revolution.

C. It was a cultural trend that spread across Europe, mainly in France, in the early 1700s.

D. It was a cultural trend that spread across Europe, which emphasised the sovereignty
of the people, as a carrier of values.

E. It was a cultural trend that was based on the exaltation of reason that, eliminating any irrational element of knowledge, by itself, revealed the truth without the help of the transcendental realm. In France this lead to materialism and atheism.

The Enlightenment was a European intellectual movement during the 17th and 18th movements. It focused on human happiness and the pursuit of knowledge, rationality, economical and social equalities (in France, which led to the French revolution).
Knowing this about the Enlightenment movement, we can eliminate all but D, which isn’t a part of the idea behind the Enlightenment and, therefore, our answer.