IMAT 2012 Math 77 + 78

Hello, I need a help in question 77 + 78, thank you very much!!! Hope someone can help me ;;^;;

Hi! I’m sorry I couldn’t finished Q77 because I only just guessed the answer between B and E after my first statement so someone else needs to show the calculation :))

and for Q78, you basically need to shift the point D in order of the rules that they give for all the options to see where it ends up. Luckily it’s the first option so I tried to draw a step by step. For the first ‘S’ instruction since it lies on the y axis, the reflection doesn’t change that position of the point.



Hi, thank your for helping me! In Q77 I also stuck in B and E but I don’t know how to discard E, my p is 2/5 x 1/3 = 2/15
For Q78 I understood your explanation, thank you so much again!!!


Yess me too, I tried some other calculation ideas but none ended up the same


hey, for Q77 I think this method would work
see, we have 2/5 of the whole group as MALE
and 1/3 of whole group as mathematician
it doesn’t mean 1/3 of male BUT it says 1/3 of ALL
which means if we consider there are 15 people (3*5) (smallest common multiple) there is gonna be 6/15 male and 5/15 mathematician
SO we can say that at maximum, 5/6 male would study math
and as Raya said ,the minimum would be 0
therefor B is the answer


I got it, thank you very much!!! Have a great day!

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Hi! I have a question about #77. Which operation did you do to get the final number of 5/6 and why did you do it? I understand that 6/15 are male and 5/15 are mathematicians but why don’t you then multiply those to get 2/15?

hey, what I meant was just assume we have 15 people(for better perception) ,6 of them are male. and out of these 15 people we have 5 of them whose are mathematicians ,at maximum level all of these 5 people have to be male so 5 out of 6 possible male are mathematicians (just think of a group of people and think what fits logically as the scenario goes on )
you can’t multiply it because we are not taking whole 15 people into consideration of being mathematician ,even if u do it won’t be 2/15 ,it will be 30/225 which is almost 13/100,and under no circumstances can it be the answer
hope to be helpful