IMAT 2012 Q32/35 pie chart



can someone help with these 2 questions pls
32 A
35 E

Hi! i also really didn’t like this question :confused:
here’s how i eventually answered it:

First, what score is incorrect?
P has the highest votes, so i’m assuming P = 113° is correct.
No one has less than half of P’s votes, so we can’t have an angle less than 56,7°.
The only angle in the pie chart less than 56,7° is 24,3°.
So 24,3° was copied incorrectly.

Now who has what angle?
P = 2 x R so R = 56,7°.
P = 1,5 x A so A = 75,6°
We have too angles left over, K < H and H > A.
So H has a bigger angle than A, meaning H = 90° and we are left with K = 24,3°
So K was copied incorrectly.

Although not too difficult to solve eventually, i think this question is designed to be a massive time waster and i would have skipped it on the exam

If someone solved this with a faster method please share!

Hope this helps!

THANK YOU for your explanation

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