IMAT 2012 Q58 - Chemistry

Hey! I think this question is quite tricky because H bonding an be weak and strong: weak if you compare it with covalent bonds, and strong compared to London dispersion Forces. So how could I solve this? Answer key says itโ€™s C) (1 and 3 only) Thank you so much in advance! :ok_woman::low_brightness:

Since, Hydrogen bond is an example of intermolecular bond/forces itโ€™s considered to be weak and ya youโ€™re absolutely right for the fact that they are the strongest type of intermolecular forces but talking solely about H bond and not relatively in respect to other types of intermolecular bonds answer options 1 and 3 do makes sense.
Also, H bonds are itself weak but when they are present in large numbers it creates a cumulative effect.
Also, Hydrolysis is the use of water to break a covalent bond, so 4 is not correct.
Hope it helps:)