IMAT 2013 Q32 [Anatomy]

Which one of the following is found below the diaphragm in a human?

A. Heart
B. Pulmonary vein
C. Liver
D. Pulmonary artery
E. Alveoli

The answer to this question is C.

This is a fairly straightforward question, which asks you to pick the structure/organ that is basically the odd-one-out.

What does choice A, B, D, and E have in common?

  • If you notice, the structures and organs that have been mentioned in these choices are related to the thoracic cavity, all of which are concomitantly above the diaphragm. Specifically, structures that have been mentioned here belong to either those that are within the pleural cavity or the mediastinum. Alveoli are the small sacs that function as the basic respiratory units of the lung, wherein the lungs are situated within the pleural cavity, above the diaphragm. The mediastinum, specifically the middle portion of the mediastinum, contains choices A, B, and D, since the pulmonary veins which drain to the heart (specifically the left atrium), while the pulmonary artery originates from the right ventricle of the heart. Thus, this makes all of these choices the incorrect answer.

This then leaves the liver as the only remaining consideration. The liver is situated below the diaphragm at the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity.