IMAT 2013 Q41 [Mitosis Phases]

Which of the following comes immediately after anaphase in mitosis?

A. Telophase
B. Interphase
C. Prophase
D. Metaphase
E. Cytokinesis

The answer to this question is choice A, telophase.

Let us then break down each choice, and define them to see if they fit what this question is looking for:

  • Telophase: Telophase is the stage of mitosis that is related to the decondensation of chromosomes along with the disintegration of the mitotic spindle. Here, there will be formation of a new nuclear membrane along with the reappearance of the nucleoli. This happens after anaphase, which makes this the correct answer. As a reminder, the sequence of mitosis can be remembered with the letters PMAT (A mnemonic you could use is: "People Must Answer Telephones"). These letters stand for prophase → metaphase → anaphase → telophase. Concomitantly, this will also eliminate choice C, prophase, AND choice D, metaphase, since knowing the sequence of mitosis, will ensure you that both of those choices does NOT come after anaphase but before it.

  • Interphase: This is a part of the cell cycle BUT it is not part of mitosis. It is actually the interval between cell divisions where the cell performs preparations prior to the next division. Here you would find the 3 phases of interphase, G1, S and G2. Thus, this is not the correct answer.

  • Cytokinesis: This is the part of the cell cycle that involves the division of the parent cell’s cytoplasm into 2 new cells. At this stage, the cytoplasm and organelles are distributed to the newly formed daughter cells, each of which also contains 1 copy of the sister chromatids.

Thus the answer to this question is choice A, telophase, since it comes right after anaphase.