IMAT 2013 Q45 [State Changes]

Which name of the following phase changes is NOT correct?

A. Solid to liquid = Melting
B. Gas to solid = Freezing
C. Solid to gas = Sublimation
D. Liquid to gas = Evaporation
E. Gas to liquid = Condensation

Let’s use this diagram as a guidline:

A is correct, as the change of state from a solid to liquid is indeed called melting.

B is incorrect, as the change of state from a gas to a solid directly, an example of which would be Carbon Dioxide, is called Sublimation. Therefore, B is our answer.

Be aware that C is correct as the change from solid to gas is also sublimation, just deposition or “reverse sublimation”.

D checks out, since going from a liquid to a gas is evaporation.

E is also correct, gases that go to a liquid state is condensation.