IMAT 2014- Permanent Dipoles

Can someone please shed some light on how to correctly draw these out?
Obviously, I understand CO2 is linear so that rules out most answer choices which is helpful

This is how i solve these types of questions so, they have basically asked the molecule having a strongest permanent dipoles you can draw the Lewis structures of molecules in the answer options to check which ones have prominent dipole the symmetrical molecules (i.e ones having same atoms attached in equal no’s have no net dipole as they cancel out each other) in this question in every answer options we have a molecule which is exibiting symmetry except option 2 so by elimination we have our answer.

Another way of looking at it: Halogen atoms can form very strong covalent bonds, giving them the strongest permanent molecular dipole. B has two molecules with halogens in covalent bonding thus it is the correct answer.
Hope it makes sense:)


Yes, sometimes its so much easier to understand it from another perspective. Thank you

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