IMAT 2014 Q11 [Bracelet Business]

Tessa makes bracelets. She works five days each week, from Monday to Friday. Her contract requires her to make a minimum of 150 bracelets every working day, for which she is paid a basic wage of $320 per week. She can also earn a bonus of $3 per bracelet for every one above 175 that she makes on any particular day.

Last week, Tessa earned $515 in total. On Friday she made 205 bracelets, the most she has ever made in one day.

What is the minimum number of bracelets that Tessa made last week?

A. 940
B. 805
C. 890
D. 865
E. 815

IMAT 2014 Q11 pt 1
IMAT 2014 Q11 pt 3

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Note that this is just to show you clearly how to solve the problem. On exam day you will not have this much time, so what is important? Knowing how many bonus bracelets (that will earn her $3) and that you want to condense these into as few days as possible without going above 205 bracelets per day.

So you will follow the first 2 steps, then you can just say “okay, so we will make 30 bonus bracelets on Friday, which means we have to split up the remaining 35 over two days so we do not go over our 205 maximum. The rest of the days will have only the minimum because we want as few as possible.”