IMAT 2014 Q20 [Garden View]

The diagram below is a plan of the raised flower beds and a chair in my garden.


Which one of the following can not be a view of the raised beds from my chair?


Simple steps to solve word problems:

  • Underline key information
  • Determine what they are trying to ask, and what you will need to solve it
    • Eliminate any non-essential information
  • Draw a picture, graph, or equation
    • In moments of high stress like exam taking, always work with the paper they give you to avoid careless mistakes.
  • Solve

This question is fairly straightforward and can a few different approaches. One approach would be to find the image missing a key point that the others have. We have a circular object centrally in front of us, the circle directly in front of the chair. This must mean that we cannot see a corner right in front of us. All the pictures have the same centrally placed rectangular shape to represent the curve from this circle (can see the exterior edges but the central part will be smooth and without a ridge). Comparing the images, image A is the only one that does not have this smooth centre, instead, it has a sharp edge. This cannot represent the centre circle so we can conclude that this cannot be a view. We can check our answer by looking at the other options. The central rectangular shape to represent this circular object is constant in all of them, so this tells us that A is the odd one out, and the only one that is not a possible view.

\fcolorbox{red}{grey!30}{Therefore A is correct.}