IMAT 2014 Q29 [Sexual and Asexual Reproduction]

Which one of the following statements about both asexual and sexual reproduction is correct?

A. Only the gametes (and not body cells) undergo meiosis in sexual reproduction compared with both cell types in sexual reproduction.

B. Mitosis leads to sperm formation in asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction.

C. Mutations only occur in sexual reproduction and not in asexual reproduction.

D. Some organisms can carry out both asexual and sexual reproduction.

E. Variation is only required for sexual reproduction and not for asexual reproduction.

Let’s try to state the facts for what we know regarding Sexual and Asexual reproduction.

  • Sexual Reproduction gives rise to genetically diverse offspring.

  • Diploid Germ cells undergo meiosis to form gametes; sperm cells and egg cells in sexual reproduction.

These facts prove the incorrectness of option A.

  • Asexual Reproduction gives rise to genetically identical offspring.

  • Asexual organisms reproduce by binary fission, budding or fragmentation.
    These processes only include the process of mitosis.

  • Mutations occur randomly in both processes, and they are in fact, the sole source of genetic variability in Asexual Reproduction.

  • Asexual Reproduction may introduce genetic variation into an environment in the case a mutation occurs; which we have just stated is very possible.

These facts prove the incorrectness of options B, C, and E.

Therefore, D is the correct and true answer.

Most fungi, plants like daffodils and strawberries, animals like marine invertebrates, and parasites that cause malaria and toxoplasmosis are all organisms that produce both sexually and asexually at different points in their lives!