IMAT 2014 Q47 [Hydrogen Peroxide]

A student carried out an experiment to find the rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas. The student used 100 cm^3 of a 1M solution of hydrogen peroxide at 25°C and 1 atm pressure.

1 g of powdered MnO_2 as a catalyst was added and the solution was constantly stirred. The student measured the total volume of oxygen produced.

The procedure was repeated, but this time using 100 cm^3 of 2M hydrogen peroxide, under identical conditions.

Which option below shows the effect on (R) the rate of reaction, (V) the total volume of oxygen collected, by using the 2M solution compared to the 1M solution?

A. R: Doubled; V: Halved
B. R: No effect; V: Doubled
C. R: No effect; V: No effect
D. R: Doubled; V: Doubled
E. R: Doubled; V: No effect