Imat 2014 Q50 acidic , alkaline or amphoteric

for some reason I canโ€™t recognize all the compounds

Someone asked this question just couple of days ago so, iโ€™m pasting the solution here.
1 Amphoteric: Al2O3

4 Alkaline: KOH, K2O , MgO and Na2O

8 Acidic: Cl2O7, CO2, HCl, H3PO4, NO2, P4O10, SiO2, SO2.
Answer is thus E.
Hope it helps:)

thanks for the fast response
can u tell how can I recognize the Amphoteric compound?

Amphoteric compounds are something which can reacts with both acids and base also they can either loose a proton and can even gain one for example HPO42- it can gain a proton to form H2PO4- and can loose to form PO43-(what i mean to say is they can behave both as acids or bases).
Here you can remember it as an exception to the general rule that metal oxides are basic in nature.
Hope it helps:)

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