IMAT 2014 Q58 [Original Price]

A computer game is on sale for €32.00.

The price ticket shows that this cost is a reduction of 20% of the original price.

What was the original price?

A. €25.60
B. €38.40
C. €33.60
D. €52.00
E. €40.00

From the text, we find out these information:

x \to 100\%, where x is the value of the original price
€32.00\to 100\%-20\% = 80\%

The easiest way to solve this is to make a proportion:

\frac{x}{€32.00} = \frac{ 100\%}{80\%} \to x = \frac{ €32.00 \cdot100\%}{80\%} =\frac{ €32.00 \cdot10}{8} = €4.00\cdot 10
\to x = €40.00.(E)

Which is the solution to this question.