IMAT 2015 Q12 [Conclusion | Sports]

Sports are played either as a means of getting exercise or as a competition with an opponent. Some sports, such as football, involve a large amount of running and some people are more motivated to run when it is part of a game. Other sports, such as pool, do not involve much physical activity and so it is unlikely that they would be played for the exercise.

Which one of the following conclusions is best supported by the passage above?

A. Football is a better sporting activity than pool.

B. There is no point in running as a hobby, since football is more fun.

C. It is easier to exercise when it is as part of another activity, such as playing sport.

D. People who play pool are more likely to be interested in the competition than those who play football.

E. Since the main reason for playing sports is to get exercise, pool should not be classified as a sport.