IMAT 2015 Q15 [Underlying Principle]

Food producers are resisting pressure to reduce still further the levels of salt in food. Although it is proven that salt intake must be reduced by those with hypertension, there is no evidence that reducing salt intake prevents hypertension. So why should we all be deprived of the pleasures of salt in food? We certainly need to identify those with hypertension and give them advice on their salt intake, but why should everyone else be deprived of salt? Food producers are right to resist the pressure.

Which one of the following best illustrates the principle underlying the argument above?

A. Adding fluoride to drinking water has reduced tooth decay, but fluoride is unwelcome to some people. Instead, dentists should advise patients with tooth problems on better tooth care.

B. The requirement to wear seatbelts has reduced deaths in car accidents but was unpopular when first introduced. People eventually accepted such changes even if it has not benefited them personally.

C. Advice to wear sun block to protect the skin from harmful rays is ignored by some people. Those people should be charged for medical treatment for skin cancer.

D. Passive smoking is still a problem for people who share a home with a smoker. The law should be extended to make smoking illegal even in the home.

E. Retailers cannot sell alcohol to people under 18 years, but providing more general advice on alcohol in schools would be better, as it would encourage young people to be self limiting in their consumption of alcohol.