IMAT 2015 Q23 [Menstruation]

The changes in concentration of hormones in a healthy woman’s blood were monitored during several menstrual cycles.

During which stage of the menstrual cycle was the concentration of oestrogen falling, the concentration of luteinising hormone (LH) and follicle­-stimulating hormone (FSH) maximal and the progesterone concentration rising?

A. at the start of menstruation
B. at the end of menstruation
C. four days before ovulation and the time of ovulation
D. after ovulation but before the start of menstruation
E. between the end of menstruation and four days before ovulation


I am bringing this question up because there is no explained answer and I need some help.
The correct answer is C but I know that progesterone only starts being produced after ovulation. And answer C states - 4 days before ovulation. Can anyone please explain?

Hello. For a visual chart you can check google however you are missing the point where progestrone is actually being produced even slightly before ovulation. During ovulation progestrone is being present as well. It is very obvious that LH and FSH are main trend we see during/prep ovulation. Basically the answer is progestrone starts being present during day 11 and rises continously until the day 24ish. Lmk if you need more explanation


The progesterone part tricked me because I was sure that it started being produced after ovulation. I know that LH and FSH are highest at the ovulation itself, while the estrogen begins to drop, so I think I would have picked the right answer if there was no progesterone…
I’ll keep in mind that it is present a few days before as well.

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