IMAT 2016 - Oxidation #s

I had this answer as being 2 & 5. And in the explanation is alludes to the correct answer being 2 &5. Can someone please clarify the correct solution. Thank you!

In this particular question we have to write the oxidation state of vanadium in each given answer options and then check which ones are equal:
In VO3- vanadium has a O.S of +5.
In V3+ it’s clearly +3
In V2+ it’s 2+
In VO2+ the O.S of vanadium is +4
In the fifth answer option we have +3 so according to it it should be 2&3 but the explanation down has VO+ i think there’s some sort of typo in the question:)

By saying “2&3” do you mean “2&5”?
I had 2/5 as well I think this is a typo on the questions as far as solution.

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